Saving Accounts


A cardonebanking current account is perfect if you want to stay in control Online, text and phone banking ,UK call centre, Free text alerts each time money is paid in, Free text alerts if bills cannot be paid, No bounced payment charges.

post office Instant Saver

Instant Saver offers a splendid savings rate that has a 0.90% Gross rates does not get into account deductions of income tax. fixed bonus for the 1st twelve months.

citi Reward Saver Issue

Interest rates earn (AERs) : 0.25% AER, 0.25% gross/p.a.* variable from the date your account is set up.

natwest Young Saver

If you have been getting money away for a problem day, or saving for something specific our Instant Saver account provides you flexible savings which you can approach whenever you require it.

Tesco Saving

You will be progressive to approach your savings account in 7 days a week online. No sitting in call line or waiting for the bank to open.

smile no-notice savings

If you have been over sixty-five and still require to pay tax on your income, you can be paying a lot. You can be allowed for a exclusive 10% tax rate on your savings income.

Saving account and Saving Money

Making Saving Work for You

Savings accounts generally earn a low interest rate. Some bank will require you to maintain a certain balance to avoid fees while others offer totally free accounts as a way to lure in customers to more lucrative services. Perhaps the biggest benefit to putting your money in a savings account is to discourage you from spending it so easily. Money that is tucked away is out of sight and out of mind is less of a temptation. A penny saved is at least a penny earned and it’s much easier to save what you’ve already earned than to earn more. Slowly but surely your money will grow.

Savings accounts are also a good way to protect your money against theft. Banking is so convenient these days that having your money in the bank is like having it in your mattress, only more secure. The FDIC will protect your account up to $250,000 against theft and bank failure.

The money in the savings account will also earn you interest. Generally this won’t be very much, but it can be enough to offset losses in capital caused by inflation. Banks are in essence paying you for the use of your money, just like you had given them a loan. The difference is you can call in that loan any time you choose and withdraw your money. Accounts that give the banks more assurance that you won’t suddenly decide to withdraw your money usually pay a higher interest rate. One example is a money market account which usually restricts the amount you may withdraw at one time.

Service conditions and fees

  • Customers must deposit collateral, including personal or corporate bonds, real estate collateral or corporate warrantee.
  • Customers can withdraw cash transaction, check or money transfer at different branches under credit limit set by the bank. Exempt withdrawal transactions of current account at branch that has an agreement to transfer money between accounts and corporate accounts with conditions of payment order in more than 1 color or stamp. With this service, there will be fee charged by the provider.

Service conditions and fees:

Deposit Withdrawal current account in different branches.

1. Maintain deposit account fees:

If the monthly average deposit balance is lower than 1,000 baht. The fee will be charged at 100 baht per month.

2. Check Book Issuing Fee:

The fee is 12 baht for 1 check and stamp fee for 3 baht in total of 15 baht per issue.

3. Deposit fees across provinces.

Individual and corporate rate fee is 10 baht per every 10,000 baht transferred. The exceeding amount is calculated in proportion of thousand at the maximum of 1,000 baht. Minimum Fee is 10 baht and an entry fee transfer request is 20 baht.

4.Withdraw by check at different branches.

If the transaction clearing is made within Bangkok area and clearing in the same districts. Fee is 10 baht per every 10,000 baht transferred. The exceeding amount is calculated in proportion of thousand. Minimum fee is 20 baht. If clearing areas outside Bangkok, withdrawal of others branches across the province and districts, fee is 10 baht per every 10,000 baht transferred. The exceeding amount is calculated in proportion of thousand. Minimum fee is 20 baht.